About Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC)

Today, 3.8 million Canadian adults report living with a mobility, vision, or hearing disability. These Canadians struggle every day to access spaces like schools, libraries, community centres, and offices because of physical barriers to accessibility.

Accessible built environments accommodate everyone - small children, parents with strollers, older adults and seniors, and people with temporary and permanent disabilities - and are inclusive of people’s needs across their lifespan. Making our public spaces universally accessible ensures that everyone is able to participate in the communities and live to their full potential.

The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) program helps organizations plan for accessibility. Here’s why you should you register today:

  • Be prepared for Canada’s changing demographics.
    Increasing overall accessibility will allow you to serve more customers and attract employees.
  • Get ready for a changing regulatory environment.
    Prepare for impending federal government accessibility legislation by understanding your facility’s current level of accessibility and learning where to improve.
  • Be recognized for your commitment to accessibility and be amongst the first in your industry to be RHFAC Certified. 
    You can choose to publicly list your certification level through the online RHFAC Registry, hosted by CSA Group, and purchase a label or plaque to showcase your achievement.

For more information, visit www.rickhansen.com/RHFAC or email access@rickhansen.com.

About the CSA Group hosted registry

CSA Group is a global provider of standards development, testing, inspection and certification services for products from a wide range of market sectors, and a leader in safety and environmental certification for the U.S. and Canada. Built upon nearly a century of experience in standards development and certification, CSA Group Registries provides registration services to parties like RHF, to help ensure that the programs developed operate independently, while providing transparency to the public and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information that is critical to a project’s success.

The RHFAC Registry is the platform from which participating registrants can contact RHF and showcase their accessibility assessment results.

For the public, the registry public listing provides a portal to review project information, identify accessible sites, and understanding a site’s credentials.
For more information about CSA Group, including other corporate product and services, please visit the 'CSA Group Contact Us' page on the CSA Group website.

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