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The building was constructed in 1997 in conjunction with the adjacent David Strong Building and contains: faculty and staff offices, classrooms, computer laboratories, and a lecture hall. The building currently contains a total of approximately 7,315.78 square meters, and has four stories and two mechanical penthouses.


Site Name: University of Victoria, Business & Economics Building
Organization Name: University of Victoria
Account Number: 4759285
Organization Primary Contact: Leigh  Andersen (
Registration ID: RHF-440-01199
Listing Contact: Leigh  Andersen
3801 Finnerty Road, 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8P5C3
Site Ownership: Owner - Provincial / Territorial Government
Rating Survey Version: Commercial & Public Rating (Sep 2017 Release)
Site Function: Education
Site Size: 1 - 21,000 sq. ft.
Site Type:
Existing Site

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