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The Engineering Office Wing contains the Faculty of Engineering, Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, and specialized labs including the Energy Systems and Transport Phenomena Lab. The building was constructed in 1990 and contains: administration offices, faculty and staff offices, and contains a total of approximately 3,639.41 square meters , and has five stories, with a portion of the lowest floor below grade.


Site Name: University of Victoria, Engineering Office Wing
Organization Name: University of Victoria
Account Number: 4759285
Organization Primary Contact: Leigh  Andersen (
Registration ID: RHF-359-01231
Listing Contact: Leigh  Andersen
3802 Finnerty Road, 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8P5C4
Site Ownership: Owner - Provincial / Territorial Government
Rating Survey Version: Commercial & Public Rating (Sep 2017 Release)
Site Function: Education
Site Size: 1 - 21,000 sq. ft.
Site Type:
Existing Site

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