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Science World at TELUS World of Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to igniting wonder and empowering dreams through science and nature. Last year, we reached over one million people.

Accessibility is a priority for us. Through a variety of initiatives, we try to accommodate the diverse needs of our community. We host sensory friendly mornings so guests can enjoy less-crowded environments. Our sensory map indicates galleries that might have unexpected loud noise. We have six wheelchair accessible spaces in the parking lot with ramps to the sidewalk. Our entrance doors are button operated and we have fully automated exit doors. We give complimentary admission to adult aides assisting visitors with disabilities. Visitors in wheelchairs receive complimentary film tickets to our OMNIMAX theatre. Most of our washrooms are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the washrooms on the OMNIMAX ramp. An adult change table is available in our First Aid room.

Through a program called Community Access Events, we invite underserved communities and organizations that serve individuals facing barriers to Science World to visit us free of charge. These include, among others, Indigenous communities; sick children and hospice patients; LGBTQ2S individuals and communities; immigrants, refugees and newcomers; and people living with autism. 

We are committed to improving visitor experience and strive to make a visit to TELUS World of Science accessible for everyone. 


Site Name: Just Science World
Organization Name: Telus World of Science
Account Number: 4983770
Organization Primary Contact: Hugh swan (
Registration ID: RHF-103-01526
Listing Contact: Hugh swan
1455 Quebec Street, 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6A 3Z7
Site Ownership: Owner - Private
Rating Survey Version: Rating Survey (Apr 2018 Release)
Site Function: Education
Site Size: 250,001 – 500,000 sq. ft.
Site Type:
Existing Site
Construction Year: 1986

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