site Description
Jean Tweed Centre in collaboration we provide innovative, accessible and effective services to women and their families who experience substance use, mental health and/or gambling concerns.


Site Name: Jean Tweed Centre
Organization Name: Jean Tweed Centre
Account Number: 5012989
Organization Primary Contact: Susy Cannon (
Registration ID: RHF-398-01848
Listing Contact: Michelle Coombs
215 Evans Ave,, 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 1J5
Site Ownership: Tenant
Rating Survey Version: RHFAC Rating Survey v3.0 (November 2020)
Site Function: Health Care
Site Size: 1 - 21,000 sq. ft.
Floors: 1
Site Type:
Existing Site

Final Rating Score and Certification Level

RHF Accessibility Certified


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