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Located at 520 Seymour Street, Adler University's colourful five-storey, 30,500-square-foot learning hub reflects the vibrancy of its faculty, staff, alumni and graduate students. The floorplan includes generous open spaces that promote collaboration and fruitful student experiences. The campus was designed to accommodate up to 500 learners. Small classrooms reflect the University’s focus on meaningful student-faculty interaction and incorporate cutting-edge technology throughout.


Organization Name: Adler University
Organization Primary Contact: Michelle Vezina (
Registration ID: RHF-825-00725
Site Name: Adler University
Listing Contact: Michelle Vezina
520 Seymour St, 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 3J5
Site Ownership: Tenant
Rating Survey Version: Rating Survey (Apr 2018 Release)
Site Function: Education
Site Size: 21,001 - 100,000 sq. ft.
Site Type:
Existing Site

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