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The Gordon Head Recreation Centre is located at 4100 Lambrick Way in Victoria, British Columbia. The building was constructed in 1973 and contains a 25 meter lap pool, leisure/river pools, a tot pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a steam room, a gym, a youth park, and multi-purpose rooms including a teen room and an auditorium. The scope of the RHDAC included a parking lot, exterior pathways, two entrances, hallways, a reception area including a waiting area, change rooms, two men’s washrooms, two women’s washrooms, universal washrooms including the gym washroom, the gym area, the pool are, and the multi-purposes rooms including the teen room.


Organization Name: District of Saanich
Organization Primary Contact: Carole Ireland (
Registration ID: RHF-436-00874
Site Name: Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Listing Contact: Shane Laye
4100 Lambrick Way, 
Saanich, British Columbia, Canada V8N5R3
Site Ownership: Owner - Municipal Government
Rating Survey Version: Commercial & Public Rating (Sep 2017 Release)
Site Function: Community
Site Type:
Existing Site

Final Rating Score and Certification Level

RHF Accessibility Certified


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2018-09-07 12:05:11RHFAC_Scorecard_RHF-436-00874.pdf
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